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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dryth Projects Underway

There is a tremendous amount of production happening for the Dryth Chronicles.  The Celestial Empire series is the foundation upon which a vast landscape will be established, one which spans to all the horizons of a global epic fantasy environment.

We've arrived at book four, which has been pushed to spring of this year for its release, allowing room for such projects as new character and promotional art, some redesigning of the publisher site (Raventide Books), audiobooks, and something special to be unveiled at a later time.

In audio production, watch for readings of Six Celestial Swords (Celestial Empire Book 1) and of The Bone Tree (Tales from Sheng Fan Book 1). There will be a different narrator for each. A veteran of audiobook narration has agreed to take on Six Celestial Swords, lending his experience and skill to the voices of an enormous and diverse cast. Production will not begin until late this summer. For The Bone Tree, we've teamed with a new talent, whose adventurous spirit will undoubtedly carry him far. Production for that is currently underway.

The pages here will be expanded upon slowly, but surely, once the Celestial Empire series is nearer to the release of Book 6. In the meantime, Three Fates: Celestial Empire Book 4 will be available soon.

The Kingdom of Xun has surrendered.  Tzu has pulled back and Du remains docile, but no one can say for how long.  With Ying growing increasingly disgruntled, the threat of war continues to loom over Sheng Fan.  All the while, the curse of Lei Kui continues to grow, threatening to bring the Spirit of Death itself to the mortal plane to participate in a much larger struggle, one which Xu Liang continues to become a greater part of with each decision he makes.

Three Fates
Celestial Empire Book 4

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